Epoxy Garage Flooring Benefits

The types of floors that you have in your garage are an important feature of this area of the home due to the intense wear and tear that they will experience. Epoxy flooring can make it an excellent choice for this area of the house. Epoxy Flooring Is Highly Resistant To Scuffing Unfortunately, the floors in the garage can be very vulnerable to developing extensive scuffing and scratches. For example, it could be possible for a small rock to become lodged in the treads of the tires, and this could leave deep scuffs in the flooring. [Read More]

4 Reasons Epoxy Floors Are A Good Idea For Kitchens

Tiles have traditionally been the main material for many kitchen floors. But epoxy flooring  has seen an upsurge in kitchen floors for its advantageous properties. Epoxy floors are highly favored in industrial and commercial settings. However, homeowners have increasingly seen the benefits of this high-performance flooring in residential use, like busy kitchens. Here are several reasons to consider epoxy flooring in your next kitchen remodel: Easy to Clean A busy kitchen is a high moisture environment, with steaming foods and drinks constantly being made. [Read More]