4 Reasons Epoxy Floors Are A Good Idea For Kitchens

Tiles have traditionally been the main material for many kitchen floors. But epoxy flooring  has seen an upsurge in kitchen floors for its advantageous properties. Epoxy floors are highly favored in industrial and commercial settings. However, homeowners have increasingly seen the benefits of this high-performance flooring in residential use, like busy kitchens. Here are several reasons to consider epoxy flooring in your next kitchen remodel:

Easy to Clean

A busy kitchen is a high moisture environment, with steaming foods and drinks constantly being made. Much of this moisture condenses on the floor, causing problems like mold growth. There are also spills from beverages, cooking oils, and greases. These are hard to clean off and may stain the floor.

Epoxy flooring is resistant to grease, oil, dirt, stains, and moisture. Water and detergent, and some vinegar, clean it well without leaving any streaks. Your kitchen will always look sparkling clean and hygienic. 

Slip Resistant

There is always a risk of slipping and falling on wet tiles. The risk is higher if you step on them when barefoot. This poses an obvious safety concern because a busy kitchen will always have spills on the floor.

Epoxy floors have excellent traction, so you don't need to wear shoes with cleats. You can also remove your footwear and walk around comfortably while working or cleaning the kitchen floor. 

Suitable For High Foot Traffic

The kitchen often experiences high foot traffic as people come for food and refreshments. You will also typically walk a good distance when preparing meals. Epoxy floors are suitable for such a situation, considering they perform well in high-stress areas like warehouses. An epoxy floor will age very well, even if you have a large family who loves spending time in the kitchen.

Bright and Stylish

If the kitchen looks dull, then the chances are that visitors won't feel at home while inside, but an attractive, bright kitchen has great appeal. The dullness problem almost disappears once you decide to go with an epoxy floor. It glows under both natural and artificial light, making it a useful addition to your kitchen.

You can customize epoxy floors with various styles, including metallic finishing or flake coating. You can also opt for different colors. As a result, your kitchen will look like a bright, warm, and enjoyable workspace.

Are you looking for suitable flooring for your kitchen remodeling? Talk to a flooring contractor about options for epoxy floors to transform your kitchen.